Ease pain and relax muscles with our natural pain relief balms.

Pukatea is our strongest pain relief balm. Rapid relief from stronger and sharper deep pain and effective with some hard to relieve nerve pain.

Parore combines magnesium with our unique native herbal blend to ease muscle pain from sports injury. Pulled muscles, sprains, contact injuries, shin splints and cramping pain. Maybe used for pain prevention prior to sports activity.


Mariri  is best for aching pain, joint pain and throbbing pain from swelling. Eases dull nagging pain and the pain that stops you sleeping.

Katoitoi work rapidly on impact injures bringing out bruising and reducing swelling. May be used in conjunction with the other pain balms.


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I suffer horribly from leg cramps due to standing all day and have had 5 procedures for varicose veins over the past 30 odd years. Cramp is so intense from my feet right up the whole of my legs that even with the continuous use of magnesium does not stop it. I am now able to control the cramp by using Mariri on my feet and calves when I can feel the build up which would usually turn to cramp once I  sit down or go to bed. This has been a great alternative for me as I am allergic to most painkillers.

Ana - Rotorua