Sleep easy with gentle yet effective sleep balms for all the family. If you are a child or an adult getting to sleep and getting a good restful and refreshing sleep can sometimes be difficult. Pani sleep balms are an easy natural way to get back into a healthy sleep pattern. Massage the balm into forehead, temples, a little on the arches of your feet and anywhere you are holding tension. It only takes a small amount and we have kept the fragrance so subtle you hardly notice it is there. It will soothe and relax and allow you to slip into a natural deep sleep. Even if you are interrupted you will be able to drift back to sleep with ease. Use over time for a good healthy sleep pattern.

Our Big Dreams has a the same name now in Te Reo - Moemoea Nui and Sweet Dreams is now Moemoea Tamariki

PŌPŌ is our new stress release balm combining the gentle muscle relaxant properties of Tataramoa with the anti-anxiety and calming effects of Lavender. We have added native Tawatawa to ease and soothe tension headaches and the effects of "emotional backlash". Rub a little on temples and pulse points to relax and soothe.


I have been using Big Dreams for a few weeks now and I feel like the quality of my sleep has just kept improving. I feel like I have had a good sleep even though I am not sleeping any longer than I was.

Gill - Rotorua