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MOEMOEA NUI - (Big Dreams) Sleep easy with gentle yet effective sleep balms for all the family. If you are a child or an adult getting to sleep and getting a good restful and refreshing sleep can sometimes be difficult. Pani sleep balms are an easy natural way to get back into a healthy sleep pattern. Massage the balm into forehead, temples, a little on the arches of your feet.. It only takes a small amount and we have kept the fragrance so subtle you hardly notice it is there. It will soothe and relax and allow you to slip into a natural deep sleep. Even if you are interrupted you will be able to drift back to sleep with ease. Use over time for a good healthy sleep pattern.

PŌPŌ is our stress release balm combining the gentle muscle relaxant properties of Tataramoa with the anti-anxiety and calming effects of Lavender. We have added native Tawatawa, a very grounding herb, to help ease and soothe tension headaches. Use to relax tight facial micromuscles and tense shoulder muscles that have been held tight with the stress the day or stressful situations.

Rub a little on temples and pulse points to relax and soothe. For an extra relax relaxing treat massage on the shoulders and back of neck.


KA PAI is for the stress of anxiety, emotional overload, "heavy" feelings that take over everything.  KA PAI has an uplifting feeling, lowering anxiety and evening things out.

Use whenever you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, when things just feel too much. Massage into temples and pulse points (wrist or inside elbow) and at night on arches of the feet. Breathe and feel yourself slowing down, it can take up to 30 min but most can feel themselves start to lighten up within a few minutes. It doesn't change anything but it feels that things are lighter and its easier to cope with what is going on.

Woman Sleeping
Baby Sleeping
Stressed Woman


I have been using Big Dreams for a few weeks now and I feel like the quality of my sleep has just kept improving. I feel like I have had a good sleep even though I am not sleeping any longer than I was.

Gill - Rotorua

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