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We have different balms addressing different skin problems.


Manukawa is our great all rounder, the magic of Kawakawa blended with Mānuka provides a full range of anti microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and anti-fungal properties.

Recommended for most skin conditions, especially effective for eczema,  and allergy rashes.

Manukawa's warming action helps cold hands and feet, Reynards and chilblains.

Mamaku and Mahu heal from under the skin and take a little longer to see the results. Both have anti-bacterial properties and can be used where the skin is inflamed or infected.

Mahu is recommended for acne, including adult acne, burns, hives, or rosacea, for chronic skin conditions that need time to heal and to inhibit new outbreaks.

Mamaku with its addition of Comfrey and lemon is recommended for lumps under the skin, scars or stretch marks and older damaged skin. May help skin heal when nothing else has worked.

Skin Care

Horopito is mutifaceted approach for rashes that just won't heal or when nothing else seems to work. A combination of Horopito, Tanekaha, Self heal and Calendula create an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral balm that heals on many levels with results seen in days.

Pirpiri is a gentle anti-inflammatory similar to manukawa but  is more suitable for young childrens skin, sensitive or fragile skin.

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I used the Mamaku on my skin cancer. The lesions reduced in size within 4 weeks. I was skeptical about this product. But have been amazed at the results. I am due to have surgery on 3 skin cancer open wounds, the doctor thinks now only one wound will need surgery. I think if I had used Mamaku sooner or had more time before the scheduled surgery I think the cancer would be gone.

John - Papamoa

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