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Kia kaha - stay strong with Pani Sports Balms. Wildcrafted Pani sports balms relieve the pain and stiffness that can slow you down. Doing what you love, pushing yourself, breaking through to the next level in whatever sport you choose can sometimes come with pain and unexpected injury.

Parore's ability to quickly relieve muscle pain lets you love your sport just a little bit more. Using it before a workout or exercise, especially when you already have the leftover pain and stiffness from the last workout, lets you move more easily and safely without guarding sore muscles. Using it after a workout helps relax and smooth overstretched muscles leaving you feeling the workout not the pain.

Katoitoi means to respond and a rapid response is what is needed after muscle and soft tissue injury to help reduce longer term pain and stiffness. Especially with bruising and contusions quick treatment can significantly reduce healing time. As always see your doctor for any serious injury or severe pain.

Mountain Bike
Couple Running
Rugby Players
Lifting Weights
Man Fishing
Backyard Football


Muscle Pain Relief and Relaxant Balm

Wildcrafted herbal blend with Magnesium and Eucalyptus relieves soft tissue and muscle pain. Eases aches and pains and stiffness in back, legs, arms, neck and shoulders.

Rapid relief from cramps and shin splints. Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties soothe and relax tired sore muscles after a hard work out. Use prior to exercise as a preventative for cramps and muscle pain. Eases aches in joints from overwork and inflammation.



Rapid Injury Recovery Balm

Wildcrafted herbal blend with comfrey targets soft tissue, drawing out bruising and improving blood circulation to speed up muscle injury recovery. Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties ease stiffness of healing muscles and will assist with reducing swelling. Use immediately on bruising, contusions and pulled muscles and repeat after 2 - 3 hours if necessary.




Normally have pain after a boxing workout. Massaged in a small amount of Parore beforehand and no pain afterwards or for a couple of days.

Nikki - Rotorua

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