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Te Marino is a gentle but effective calming balm for children.  Te Marino means to be calm, usually calm seas in Te Reo.
Te Marino may be used to help calm and relax a child after crying, fretting, overstimulation, tantrum or stressful events where a child struggles to settle. Te Marino may also be used to help a child get back into a normal sleep pattern.after disruptions and stresses.

For children that struggle to get to sleep or sleep through the night it is useful to use Te Marino as part of the bedtime routine. Massaging it on before or as part of reading the nighttime story to help calm and relax, allowing your child to drift into a healthy sleep.
Massage a tiny dab into temples away from eyes, chest and instep of feet.



For eczema we recommend the Piripiri as Kawakawa is often too strong for young ones. Piripiri has a very similar effect but is much milder on the skin. Piripiri may also be used for insect bites and itchy rashes, it will help heal cuts and scrapes and reduce the possibility of infection. Piripiri has anti-inflammatory properties and may be used behind the ears to reduce discomfort from ear infections and rubbed on the throat to soothe when tonsillitis makes it difficult to breathe at night. It will not sure any of these conditions but it does help soothe while healing.


For chest congestion and sinus congestion. Just rub some on  both sides of the chest and on the arches of the feet for chest congestion and on the sinus points for sinus congestion, being careful not to get too close to the eyes.

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