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Sinus, Sinusitis and Hay Fever

Sinusitis is a very common health condition and so many people struggle with frequent or reoccurring sinus infections. Untreated acute sinusitis may further damage the mucous membranes, making you more vulnerable for another infection.

Allergens, a weakened immune system or structural abnormalities, such as a deviated septum, are also big contributors to recurrent infection.

Acute Sinusitis is temporary inflammation of the sinuses, usually either bacterial or viral, following a cold or allergies.

Swelling of mucous membranes causes congestion and prevents mucus drainage. This allows pressure to build in the face, causing pain, discomfort and inflammation in the sinuses.

Acute sinusitis often follows the cold virus. The reason for this is not usually the cold virus itself, but the inflammation caused by the cold virus.

The inflammation and congestion caused by a cold will obstruct the sinuses, making the sinus cavities susceptible to bacterial growth, as mucus will not drain and eliminate them as it would normally.

We recommend Kumarahou for sinusitis and hay fever. It reduces the inflammation and allows the sinus to drain naturally. You will usually notice the difference within 10 min of applying the Kumarahou balm on the main sinus points.

Gently massage a small amount of the balm to the Blue and orange sinus points shown in the diagram below.

Be careful to avoid the eye area or use too much. A little goes a long way. It will not damage your eyes but is uncomfortable.

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